How To Prevent Pneumatic Cylinder Problems From Arising

Pneumatic cylinders are a complex piece of system with a reasonably long lifespan. Unfortunately, severa problems can arise due to flawed upkeep, negative installation, and premature restore.

The majority of troubles can be avoided surely by using “reading the manual”. However, although protection is sufficient, on occasion faults arise that require restore. We would love to percentage a few approaches to prevent pneumatic cylinder problems and keep away from costly repairs.

One of the maximum not unusual reasons of pneumatic cylinder breakdowns is side loading, that is whilst strain is carried out laterally to the cylinder axis. This leads to uneven piston and rod wear or breakage, seal disasters, tube scoring, and lots of other mechanical problems.

The key to preventing side loading is to make certain correct installation. It’s crucial to test the alignment of the cylinder piston rod with its mating machine component. All cylinder mountings must be checked regularly.

Contamination occurs both internally from the air supply or externally from the surroundings. Types of infection include water, oil, and solids. Contaminants can harm seals, plug orifices, and corrupt surface finishes.

• Solids – You can save your solids contamination by preserving the manufacturer’s port plugs in operating condition till becoming the system with piping. You ought to additionally eliminate all contaminants before connecting to cylinder ports. A steel wiper can put off massive contaminants from the rod.
• Water – To save you harm from water, deploy stainless-exercised steel rods and fasteners and/or observe unique coatings to the floor of the pneumatic cylinder.
• Oil – To keep away from oil damage, select seals like minded with the oils used within the machine. Check with your parts supplier to verify compatibility.
Square Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturer frequently takes place because of insufficient cylinder seal lubrication. With negative lubrication, seals sooner or later dry out, leading to leakage and overheating.

Seals must be re-lubricated and changed often. You could also attempt “no-lubricant” cylinders or use an injection lube machine.

When well installed and maintained, pneumatic cylinders shouldn’t suffer from leaks. However, following incorrect set up, seal failure, or mechanical harm a leak may additionally occur. High temperatures and humidity can also affect the wear of a dynamic seal valve, consequently leading to leakage.

It’s feasible to prevent a leak hassle by means of regular maintenance and well timed substitute of barrel, rod, and piston seals. Check the environmental tolerances of a thing before the use of it on your utility.
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