What is AFR in valve?

The pneumatic systems within the machinery and vegetation don’t constantly require the same air waft. The pressurised air is needed in full go with the flow at some point of begin-up, at the same time as it isn’t required after shut-down. The air requirement of the machine or plant additionally varies depending on operational fame. To accommodate these variations in air demand of the machinery and plant, the air drift is regulated via a valve, located next to the filter unit.

Together those two units make up the Air Filter Regulator (AFR) unit. In addition to this, one can also locate the FRL unit in flowers and equipment, which refers to this same element, with the addition of a lubricator unit. The lubricator unit introduces a small amount of lubricant in air, that allows you to lubricate the valves and cylinder walls.
Hope that clarified the pneumatic air regulator unit used in pneumatic systems extensively used in vegetation and machinery.

Ambient air contains dirt, oil debris, moisture, etc. The filter out unit in AFR serves to take away these types of unwanted materials and best provide pure air to the pneumatic device. If the air isn’t filtered, the dust and overseas debris will clog the pneumatic valves, cause internal damage to valves and actuators, damage seals and motive leaks of the pressurised air. These sort of leaks represent good value and aid loss for the organization. Hence, to save you losses, the contaminants inside the pressurised air are filtered out inside the Filter unit.

AFR is utilized in pneumatic systems, where excessive-strain air (usually eight–10 bar) is used to actuate pneumatic cylinders, etc. To carry out favored features in equipment and plants.
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